When it comes to power operation, the Abacus Range 10 Gang Extension Lead is revolutionary. When it comes to expanding your power outlets and offering a safe and effective power force, this amazing device takes centre stage. We're thrilled to introduce you to the amazing features and advantages of the “Abacus Range” 10 Gang Extension Lead, which has the capability to fully change the way you handle your power conditions. We're power operation specialists.

The Ultimate Power Solution

Unmatched Versatility

The 10 Gang Extension Lead is a protean power operation result that caters to a wide range of requirements. Whether you are in a domestic setting or a bustling office, this extension lead is designed to accommodate your power-empty bias, making it a must- have for every ultramodern ménage and plant.

Ten Outlets for All Your Devices

One of the name features of the 10 Gang Extension Lead is its ten power outlets. This means you can connect up to ten biases contemporaneously without overfilling your electrical circuits. Say farewell to the constant struggle of freeing one device to make room for another. With Abacus, you can keep all your biases powered up without any hassles.

Enhanced Safety

Safety is consummate when it comes to power  operation. “Abacus Range” understands this well, and that is why their extension lead is equipped with advanced safety features. It includes  swell protection, load protection, and childproof sockets,  icing that your  bias and your loved bones  are safe from electrical mishaps.

Superior Build Quality

Durability That Lasts

10 Gang Extension Lead is erected to last. Its robust construction ensures that it can repel the adversities of diurnal use. This means you will not have to worry about frequent reserves or conservation. With Abacus, you get a power result that is designed for the long haul.

Smart and Efficient Power Management

USB Charging Ports

In moment's digital age, USB bias has become an integral part of our lives. The 10 Gang Extension Lead caters to this need by incorporating multiple USB charging anchorages. You can contemporaneously charge your smartphones, tablets, and other USB- powered bias without demanding fresh appendages or power strips. This thoughtful design eliminates clutter and makes your workspace or living area more systematised and effective.

Energy Monitoring

In a period where energy conservation is pivotal, the Abacus Range extension lead goes a step further. It features energy monitoring, allowing you to keep track of your power consumption. By understanding how important energy your bias is using, you can make informed opinions to reduce your carbon footmark and save on energy costs.

The Abacus Range App

Ultra Modern technology has converted the way we manage our homes and workplaces. The “Abacus Range” 10 Gang Extension Lead embraces this metamorphosis by offering a devoted mobile app. This app allows you to control and cover your power operation ever, icing that your bias is Norway left on unnecessarily. With just a many gates on your smartphone, you can switch off power to specific outlets, set timekeepers, and indeed admit real- time cautions about your power operation. This position of control and robotization not only adds convenience to your life but also makes your power operation more effective.

The Abacus Range Warranty

Investing in power operation results can be a significant decision. Abacus Range stands forcefully behind the quality and continuity of their product. That is why they offer a robust bond, giving you peace of mind. You can be confident that your investment in the Abacus Range 10 Gang Extension Lead is defended, and any issues will be instantly addressed.

Where to Get Your Abacus Range 10 Gang Extension Lead

You might be wondering where you can buy this slice- edge power operation result. “Abacus Range” products are available through colourful online retailers, making it easy to find and order the extension lead that can transfigure your power operation experience. Also, you can frequently find special elevations and abatements, making this innovative product indeed more accessible.


In conclusion, the “Abacus Range” 10 Gang Extension Lead is not just a power management device; it's a revolutionary solution that caters to your evolving needs. With its unmatched versatility, enhanced safety features, superior build quality, eco-friendly design, and modern technology integration, it has set a new benchmark in the industry.