A multitude of electronic devices are utilized to power our daily activities in today's digitally-driven society. The necessity for numerous power sources has expanded to encompass smartphones, laptops, tablets, and gaming consoles. On the other hand, determining how to fuel these devices safely and effectively can be difficult. For this reason, extension leads 8 sockets “Abacus Range” are useful.

The Versatility of Extension Leads

Leads from extension organizations have long been an integral part of our lives. They enable the connection of multiple devices to a single power source, which is an essential feature. With extension leads 8 sockets “Abacus Range” Extension Leads elevate this convenience to a higher level. This allows multiple devices to be powered on and connected from a single point of access.

Unraveling the Features of Genius Abacus Range Extension Leads

1. Multiple Sockets for Maximum Utility

With their eight receptacles, the Genius Abacus Range Extension Leads enable simultaneous connection of all of your essential devices. This highly simplifies your life by eliminating the necessity to repeatedly disconnect and re-plug devices.

Long Cable Length

The substantial cable length of these extension leads 8 sockets you to position them where they are most useful. The lengthy cable guarantees that wherever you set up an entertainment center, home office, or workstation, you will not be restricted by the location of power receptacles.

Built-in Surge Protection

Electronic devices are investments that require protection in the modern era. Built-in surge protection on Genius “Abacus range” extension leads protects your devices from power fluctuations and surges. This additional security measure may prevent the need for expensive repairs or replacements.

Durable Build

Extension connections are constructed to last. They are constructed to withstand the rigors of daily use and movement. This resilience guarantees that the extension lead will be a worthwhile investment for many years.

Space-Saving Design

Because of their compact design, these extension leads will not occupy extra space in your home or office. When not in use, they are simple to store, allowing you to maintain an orderly environment.

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Unleash the Power of Connectivity

Extensive Socket Configuration for All Your Devices

The Genius Abacus Range Extension Leads point a remarkable extension leads 8 sockets furnishing you with ample room to connect your electronic widgets. Whether it's your laptop, smartphone, gaming press, or any other essential device, these extension leads have you covered.

Seamless Range Extension

Say Farewell to the vexation of reaching out to distant power outlets. With the Genius Abacus Range Extension Leads, you can extend your power source painlessly. No more involved cords or awkward placements- enjoy the freedom to position your bias exactly where you want.


The Genius “Abacus Range” 8 gang extension leads sockets are a testament to ultramodern convenience. With their multiple sockets, swell protection, and durable figure, they give a flawless result for all your power needs. Whether you are a professional in need of a systematized workspace or a tech sucker with a myriad of bias, these extension leads are designed to make your life easier.